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June 10th, 2015
Official video for Every Sunrise.
"Every Sunrise is a gem of a song that takes the listener deep into a mood easily forgotten in our busy lives" - Japan Tokyo Times.

It's here!
Here is the the latest video.  It's the title track from the album "Every Sunrise".   I think the video has a unique spin on the lyrics and vibe and it has a lot of BC west coast love in it.  Animated by the talented Henry Sorren who grew up in Flagstaff USA, it's a story about a killer whale mother and child.

I'd be happy if you watched it, left a comment and shared it.  The song and all my music can be found on my website or anywhere else you find music.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your support.  Hope you like the video. 

To watch, click the photo above or CLICK HERE.

March 24th, 2015


I'm back gigging weekends again after a long quiet couple months of winter.  Feels good albeit I'm a little rusty.  Looking forward to meeting new faces and old fans at upcoming gigs.  If you live in Japan be sure to leave me an email and tell me where you live.  I might just end up at a festival somewhere in your neck of the woods.   See you out there!


September 17th, 2014

What an awesome summer I had!  I spent 2 weeks with family on Vancouver Island and then I came back to Japan to gig almost every single day.  I sold an incredible amount of CDs and made some great new fans.  It really was one of the best summers ever.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey and a big shout out to all the Japanese fans who have embraced my shows and music with open arms.  Arigatou!!

Recent magazine reviews of Every Sunrise
9/10 stars. …”every song on this 11 track set is exceptionally entertaining” Elliot Moxley – Nashville Music News Magazine USA.
9/10 stars “…amazing songs…”  “…beautiful vocals…” “…music that can be listened to virtually in any situation.”. – Music Emissions Magazine USA
9/10 stars. “A brilliant musical mastermind” “…interesting cross section of classic Americana Folk-Rock, and Classic Country-Pop”.  “Pettit captures lighting in a bottle that will ring true to all listeners”  - Skope Magazine USA.
9/10 stars.  “Pettit is a real breath of fresh air…”  “‘Every Sunrise” is a beautiful shock to today’s everyday music…” - All What’s Rock Magazine USA
9/10 stars. “Every Sunrise” bursts to life with the fantastic rocked out sound and follows through with a wonderful sequence of songs, 11 of them to be exact”.…make sure you get hold of “Every Sunrise” – Marcy Franco from Indie Artist Alliance Magazine USA
9/10 stars  “From beginning to end “Every Sunrise” gives you an Americana anthem with a string of 11 catchy and uplifting songs that will keep the listener mesmerized and fully entertained”.  Rock N Roll View Magazine – USA
10/10 stars  “exceptional music and multi-dimensional. … uplifting, thought provoking, & interesting. …possesses an undeniable Americana Country Blues core breaking the traditional mold for Singer-Songwriter style of music”. “…puts Kelly Pettit on the map for 2014”.  –by Allan Prather at Indie Shark Magazine. USA
9/10 stars “any music fan can find something they would enjoy in this mixture of brilliant songs.  “…”Every Sunrise” is an extremely bright, cheerful, and thoughtful album. – VENTS magazine USA
9/10 stars  Nominated for album of the year.  …”an impressive collection of music. The songwriting is gold standard – full of consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Note for note, song for song, there isn’t a weak piece in this entire catalog”.  Cyrus Rhodes – founder of Indie Music Digest Magazine USA

February 27th, 2014
CD of the Week!

Every Sunrise has been released for about 6 weeks and the reviews are starting to come in.  The latest net magazine IMD says "CD of the Week" and is nominated for album of the year!   I am so happy that it appears fans and critics alike are enjoying the latest album.  So far so good.  If you're interested in reading the latest reviews in one spot click here.  To those of you who spent time listening and then sharing your voice - THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  I luv ya!!

If you wish to leave a review at these sites I'd really appreciate it.  Just click on the icons to take you there.


January 22nd 2014

Thanks to those of you who have purchased my latest album "Every Sunrise" and for those of you who have been spreading the word about it.  Word of mouth is a powerful thing.  I am waking up every morning to new mailing list subscribers and album purchases.  So, thank you!

Also, if you didn't know, you can download the lyrics or read them on-line by going to my music page.

After all, I don't want you to be singing the lyrics wrong like my father always does.  You know, like singing Jimmy Hendrix "Excuse me while I kiss this guy" or Madonna's "Like a Virgin touched for the thirty first time".

Speaking of lyrics, here is a lyric video I made to my song "Perfectly Beautiful". More to come...

Recording an album in Nashville

How are things?   Hope you’re enjoying August!  I had a great time.  As you probably know, I went down to Nashville Tennessee for just over 2 weeks.  After 3 long years since my last album which I recorded in Australia I embarked on a journey to Music City.  I’ve always wanted to record there so with a lot of emails and time management it happened.  I got there a few days early to help fight jet lag and to lock myself in my hotel room and try to finish off some lyrics. I accidentally chose the perfect hotel for that because there was nothing else around that area.  Read More


Official Video