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February 2014
How does this west coast Canada born musician wind up in Japan doing national shows, festivals, theme parks and shows for the Canadian Embassy? Kelly Pettit's life as a musician has taken him to over 4 countries. On his 6th and latest album titled “Every Sunrise”, Kelly showcases exactly what makes him so alluring.

Dual citizenship with Australia, Kelly started busking there at age 19 to support him on his backpack travels and realized that it was a fantastic way to hon his skills and showcase his talent.

Later while attending college in Vancouver Canada, his 3 piece band got one of 15 licenses to legally busk at BC transit stations where transients would gather around the trio watching their show, often missing their rides to continue listening. From there, Kelly's trio picked up a heap of gigs from passer-by's including political functions, TV series parties, venues and more. It also led to a free trip to Japan where Kelly fell in love with the strange adventures the foreign country provided.

Pettit's newest release “Every Sunrise” was recorded in Nashville Tennessee and produced by Aussie 90's icon Greg Arnold. After recording his 5th solo album "These Days" in Australia Kelly embarked to the States to explore the Nashville scene. The outcome is a jackpot of catchy tunes with a strong nostalgic ache of real life. A couple listens and one finds themselves in an emotional roller-coaster ride of happiness and loss in 11 songs and 38 minutes.

Kelly's past success from his 4th album FUEL and 5th album "These Days" launched him a large fan base by winning an international $200,000 band contest, song of the month awards, radio play,closing song to a Wong Fu Production movie, closing song on "Granny's Got Game" documentary and more. Guest appearances from Canadian iconic band "ODDS" and old busking band member Cory Churko (Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson musician) added a familiar sound their 3 piece had back in the day. This time, Kelly wanted to challenge himself more and thought Nashville might just be that key ingredient. Competitive in nature, Kelly always feels an urge to do what he can to up-the-game. On Every Sunrise, producer and award winning songwriter Greg Arnold seemed to know exactly how to unleash Kelly's ideas and polish them into well-crafted radio ready songs.

Influenced largely by Australian bands like Crowded House, Things of Stone and Wood, and Paul Kelly, along with North American counterparts The Jayhawks, Barenaked Ladies, and the Counting Crows, Kelly works to define a sound all his own and a dedication to each detail of the songwriting process. “My influences are quite diverse and that seems to show on the album. What’s constant is my attempt to find catchy melodies, singable hooks and happy instruments”, says Kelly.

The CD starts of with the song "Perfectly Beautiful" which is just that. With lines like, "There ain't no formula or sum, no recipe or rule of thumb to explain how I feel" is part of why this song oozes with charm. The following song "Follow Me" is a more pop rock vibe with catchy guitar hooks laced throughout. One of those songs that you find yourself singing later in the day away from the album. Then there is the title track "Every Sunrise" which as one fan put it, "...the perfect song for a Vampire love movie". The chorus is as catchy as they come. "It Could Be Yours" just might be the first single off this album. "Tears Carved in Stone" introduces the Turkish guitar called the "Cumpus" which adds a very cool Middle-Eastern vibe to an already feel good tune. The last song "Road to London" is a Celtic spice of story telling that has made the hairs stand up on some listeners.

"Every Sunrise" could fit into several genres making it a great album for both Country and rock fans. This is undoubtedly Kelly Pettit's best effort so far. His last album "These Days" was highly praised by critics and fans and so it's pleasing to say that this album pleasantly surpasses expectations. It clearly puts Kelly in an elite league of genuine songwriters and it is a must listen - even as early as every sunrise.


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